Delta 36-725T2 With DADO | Zero Clearance Insert


Zerosert Inserts are one of the best upgrades you can make to improve the performance and safety of your table saw.

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Delta 36-725T2 Zero Clearance Insert 3 pack with DADO

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This package includes 2 standard inserts with riving knife slot and one without for Dado blade stacks.

DELTA 3-Pack/Dado Zero Clearance Table Saw Inserts Fits 36-725T2.

Sturdy MDF Reduces Tear Out and Back Chipping. Works with Thin & Full Kerf Blades as well as Dado.

* Essential Upgrade for your Table Saw – This value 3-Pack of Inserts includes a Dado version and is one of the best upgrades you can make to improve the performance and safety of your table saw.

* Enjoy Cleaner Cuts – Prevents thin slices from jamming between blade and throat plate with less tear-out and back chipping. Now make neat, clean, precise small cuts with ease. This is the simple upgrade professionals insist on to provide outstanding results with less work and time.

* Value 3-Pack – We are pleased to provide 2 Standard and one Dado insert at this cost-saving price. Stock up for neater cuts, less frustration, and a lot less mess. These help improve dust collection so you can spend more time making progress on projects.

* Made of Eco-Friendly MDF – We’ve found this rugged Medium Density Fiber Board is ideal for high performance inserts. The composite material is made of discarded wood particles and will not warp or crack like wood and is safe for your saw blades.

* Works for Thin and Full Kerf Blades as well as Dados – Our inserts will work great for all your saw blades. See the big difference a quality zero clearance insert makes. You won’t want to use your table saw without one.

Delta 3-Pack of Zero Clearance Table Saw Inserts – Get a factory fit for your Delta table saw. These professional grade inserts are made of rugged MDF that will not harm blades. Works with all your blades including thin and full kerf. Improve safety and results with cleaner, neater cuts and far less frustration. Works great to prevent common problems like jamming between blade and throat plate, tear-out, and back chipping. Inserts also help you control saw dust for a cleaner, healthier work area. Now get better results with less hassle. Comes with clear installation instructions for easy use.

Product Features:
• Inserts measure 15.675 x 3.75.
• 3-Pack with Dado version of Zero Clearance Table Saw Inserts
• Factory fit for Delta model 36-725T2
• Minimizes the size of the blade opening
• Works for all your blades including thin & full kerf
• Prevents jamming, tear-out, and back chipping
• Enjoy neat, precise cuts with less hassle
• Made of eco-friendly MDF
• Helps dust control
• Improves safety and quality of cuts


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